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"Hey my name is Bon and I've been a client with Dvir for the past one and a half years now. When I first joined the crypto accelerator program I was in the market for about 2 years now and I found that I wasn't really get the results that I was looking for. 

After joining the course Dvir helped me restructure my portfolio which since then has actually multiplied many times now and allowed me to invest in a much more stress-free way. My performance since then has actually paid off the initial investment many times now and I also feel that I've become a better and smarter investor because of the program.

So for those of you who want to learn how to invest while also managing risk properly, and also working with someone who is quite professional and genuinely cares about his clients then yeah this is definitely a course that I will recommend for you."
Nato, founder of Fully Covered
Yes so for someone like myself that owns businesses I don't have time to go in there and start doing my own trades and things like that because I'm a busy guy. 

Also don't have time to go on YouTube and watch 10 different people which I did do by the way. I went on YouTube first, that's how I started, and I'm listening to 10 different people and I don't know where to put my money. 

So working with someone like yourself, it gives me a game plan. Not only does it give me a game plan it also allows me to continue working on my business so I definitely recommend it. For sure somebody that's a busy person like myself if you own a business. Maybe if you have a job that takes the majority of your time. Instead of going and wasting time trying to figure this out just work with somebody. 

That's the kind of person I am. I'm a coach also. I've always been the type of person that if somebody already figured it out and has a plan - Why go through the process and take the time to do it when somebody's already done it. So yeah I'd recommend it to somebody that's already busy, or just needs a game plan going forward.
"Yes I would highly recommend it to other investors. For me it was a real eye opener. Even the first videos that you showed me totally changed my perspective on how to manage my crypto, how to reduce risk. Although I know I'm still at the beginning of my journey, I already feel it will bring me to where I want to be. So yes I would definitely recommend it."
"Yes and my experience so far I definitely recommend Crypto Accelerator and Dvir. I got kind of got half rekt semi rekt during the last bull run in 2017 and just talking to Dvir briefly the first time I immediately could tell I would saved or made like literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands more by following his strategy instead of just trying to figure out things on my own. 

So I'm very excited this time to have that guidance and the community and also go through his videos and teaching so I have much more of a game plan this time around and can actually keep my profits and have a long term game plan with crypto."
"I had been in the crypto space for a while so I wasn't sure whether I'd get a lot of value out of it but going through the tutorial and the lessons I found out that there was a lot that I didn't know. I found out that I was probably a lazy investor and I think this is going to help me. I also found out that I wasn't that serious about investing. 

So going through the tutorial made me realize that losing money is not ok I don't have to. There are things that we can  put in place to make better decisions. And just that alone helps and I look forward to learning more and being part of the team."
"Yes, actually, was a little skeptical in the beginning because you just meet somebody and you don't know if it's legit or not. But yeah, I found a lot of valuable information about cryptocurrency. 

I wasn't really sure what I was doing before that and I get a better idea about the whole market and what to do and what is important, what is not important and what's risky and what's not.

So I love the content and I love the idea how we should do it safer and not lose money. So I really like it thank you very much. "
"To be honest if you're new and you're trying to learn about the space I honestly recommend having a session with Dvir. The one thing that sets him from other people or investors in the space is how genuine he is. He really does care about his clients and the materials and the knowledge that he shares it's good to be educated and getting to understand the industry you're in and having someone that's always on your side and always going to be there every step of the way and I think that is very important. 

So if you're curious I definitely recommend at least reaching out and scheduling a session to see if it's a good fit but I 100% definitely recommend Dvir. So good luck and I hope you get as much benefit as I did from speaking with him so thank you."
"Yes, I would. As a new investor in cryptocurrency there's a lot of noise out there right now so I was happy to find someone who was willing to mentor, work with, that has a community, and a solid strategy. I think that Dvir's strategy fits my wants and needs, it's very risk averse while also having a big upside and I feel connected to the community and to Dvir and the materials have been really helpful as well but I feel it's a good investment and I'm very confident it's gonna pay off."
"Yes, I've had great value in it (the Accelerator). when I came to you my portfolio was definitely on the highly risky side, many alts,  I didn't really have a clear strategy, didn't know what I was doing and I didn't really understand the real risks I was taking with my portfolio. So after going through and chatting with you yeah I definitely have a clear strategy and there's support there and I've been a lot more confident about the risk. 
I got ambitious targets and from the plan we've put in place it's clear I have a realistic way to 3x the portfolio that I have and it make sense and there's a plan a place."
"...After having a conversation with you it's so clear where I can put my money. There's a craze and people want to put their money  somewhere and because I'm an accountant a lot of people come to me asking what do we do with our money. Definitely I'd recommend them (you). I met with someone yesterday I told her that once I've had a meeting with you I'd know exactly what to tell them. And now I'm going to tell them 
that this is the plan if you want professional help definitely it'll be Dvir."
"Yeah Definitely. I've been going at it by myself in the last year and I really got interested in your strategy Dvir when I was watching your YouTube videos. Especially moving between the different cryptos and finding a strategy and timing to do that properly. So I really appreciate the advice and look forward to working with you going forward and make a lot of money."
"Definitely (work with Dvir). It was a paradigm shift in how I do things but I'm, glad I was open to changing the way I do things. And your strategy it feels right, It's great and I would definitely recommend it to anybody that's trying to be accumulating in crypto."
"Absolutely (recommend the Accelerator). To be honest the best way to describe it is like you're a kid in a candy story and you can see all of these candies and you have no idea no clue which candy to go for and what ingredients this candy has and who has made it. And that's what Dvir can do, it's like bullseye and you know exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there and I think that's priceless and that's the key."
"Absolutely. I feel much more confidence in my portfolio allocation and what I'm doing and my ability to do it and think for myself. I love your energy I completely trust your advice and I'm happy to be here."
"Yes I would (recommend the accelerator). I really found it valuable. A lot of questions that I had weren't clear and it made it clear. I've been investing for a while but some things  I forget but it really solidified it and strengthened my knowledge base. 

So yeah I would recommend that to people who are learning because this market  moves so fast and it's very convoluted there's a lot of missing pieces you need to put together.  So a program like this is very helpful to overcome some hurdles along the way. 

It's a very complicated market, a lot different than stocks because you  need to find the right exchange and you got to store it in a wallet and it's very complicated but someone who can help you along the way and give you a clear path I think it's very helpful."
"I found it very useful. The first 2 videos explained about everything that I wanted to do wrong so I think you already saved me a lot of money and I also really like your energy. You're very clear in your explanations. all other crypto videos make me nervous and yours is quite calm and you explain it very well. It's a great asset. Thank you."
"I would recommend (working with you). The classes you were giving and the videos you show give everybody an idea on how to start out and what to do when working in crypto. And they were really helpful to me so far and I would recommend it to everybody. When we first started talking my portfolio was all over the place and you helped guide me towards this is the least risky way to make greater returns. And I kinda seen it but it helped me focus and make it made more sense."
"I highly recommend your work and your course and very eye opening to me. I just started investing in crypto and I had no idea how everything works and to me it was super easy to follow and Dvir is a very kind man and really pays attention to all your questions and everything and here to help me. And I'm looking forward to celebrating many wins together and learning and educate myself so it's highly highly recommended."
"Before getting involved with Dvir I had a sort of a broad portfolio that had probably too many altcoins in it and after  watching the videos it became apparent that the difference between altcoins and stablecoins was obvious. 
My perception completely changed, so thank you Dvir. My initial plan was to jump in make some cash and jump out  and now I have much more long term strategy with a sort of feel of trying to survive in this crypto world so it's pretty 
"I really like your work, and the information you provided me so I learned so much information in your course and I'm glad to know all of that. So right now I'm a better investor every day because of you. Thank you very much"
"I've been a lot more confident with putting my money into the market and prior to this I was a little lost and it's nice to have some direction moving forward to know that we're building a solid portfolio that'll be beneficial moving forward and I know I'm not gonna suddenly go backwards multiple years. I think this is putting me in the right direction to reach my goals"
"Yes I would recommend other investors work with you and I found that working with you is very beneficial and you answered all my questions and decreased my stress and giving me massive insight on how to approach this going forward.

Basically I didn't know what I was doing before I was just looking at names on the chart and basically gambling and it didn't work out. And now I do follow a more secure... A more "set and forget" with interaction in the group just to monitor it so it doesn't have to take up my whole life."
"I've been trying to make sense out all of this crazy crypto world for a couple of years with little success. So I think a lot of the concepts were swimming in my head but after working with you definitely things started clicking in a different way. 
I started seeing things in a perspective that I feel more confident about the moves that I'm making in the market and with your guidance definitely I find the reassurance. And seeing the results in the little time that we've been working together I already see that things are making sense and producing profits already so I'm more than happy to have made the decision."
"Hey I just started working with Dvir I'm new to the crypto industry. It's definitely overwhelming when you dive into it and a lot of people
offering different courses. 

I've already spent money on different courses and I really didn't see the value but ever since I started working with him right from the beginning he's proven himself worthy with his knowledge he helped me with understanding the right strategies and helped me
build my portfolio. 

For what he offers and with the ongoing support and the telegram chat I feel very blessed to have found him because a lot of people don't offer that much value right upfront like that. 

I've already learnt so much I definitely recommend other people work with him if you're new to this or even if you're already have knowledge with crypto he can definitely help take you to the next level. "
"Yeah it's great to have a community within crypto to always be educated on the market and Dvir is always accessible and always there to help so I would definitely recommend it."
"Absolutely yeah (work with Dvir). It's been a blessing to link up with Dvir. He re-evaluated my portfolio and put me in a position to succeed. I was kind of shooting myself in the foot before I linked up with him switching between coins and he got me set with a solid game plan that I don't have to be checking my phone every 2 minutes to see if I've been taking massive dips. I can kinda just let it ride and know that's it's doing well. 

And also Dvir he really cares about his clients he'll work with you to find the best strategy for you and also the group that he's created is a top notch group for sure, lot of bright minds in there."
Luigi, Vietnam
"Hello guys, my name is Luigi, I've been investing in Crypto since 3 years, and I joined Dvir's program, Accelerator, around 3 months ago, and so far I'm quite happy. I can say I'm much less stressed, and my performance increased, dedicated definitely more time into research and study than blind trading, less greed, more peaceful. "So yeah I definitely recommend you join Dvir program Accelerator. Bye bye guys."
Results: After adjusting his portfolio, Luigi improved his performance by 21.5% in 46 days.
" Hi Dvir. Most importantly thank you for the coaching for this two days. It's remarkable. What I found is I'm a beginner in crypto and you have made it so simple for me to get in touch with all this details, all this complexity. You make it so simple. Suitable for anyone to follow. And I highly recommend your service because someone like me with zero knowledge about crypto I can pick it up easily within couple of meetings with you I think it's a very good start I mean it's good to recommend to some other good friends.
Tanawatt, Thailand
"Hi my name is Tanawatt from Thailand, and I've been investing in Crypto since 2017. In that time it was bull market, so my portfolio results very awesome but at bull market we're all genius, the performance is equal. 

And then in 2018 in the bear market my portfolio got rekt. so I try to search the mentor to teach me and I found Dvir. 

So I join Crypto Accelerator and so far my experience has been awesome in 2019. 

So for people who considering to join I would recommend you to join crypto accelerator and I believe that your portfolio will get results, same as me. Thank you."
Results: After adjusting his portfolio, Tanawatt improved his performance by 9% in 27 days.
Geoff, USA

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